Coastal Range.

Inspired by the colour, texture and shapes of our beaches and shores. Each piece has a natural, timeless feel.

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Arran Range.

Dramatic mountain peaks and the rich changing colours of the Isle of Arran provide the inspiration for this range of furniture.

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Whisky Furniture

Whisky Range.

This beautifully crafted range of furniture incorporates retired casks once used to mature Scotlands' best known product

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Flexibility of design, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail define a Fairlie Furniture kitchen.

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We undertake wide and varied furniture commissions for both domestic customers and businesses.

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New range of elegant dining chairs

We took delivery of a CNC machine earlier this year, in between orders we've been getting to grips with it and working out a new range of furniture that will take advantage of it's mighty powers. What does this mean for you? Well it allows us to reproduce more consistently accurate components and interesting shapes than would be possible when...

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Trump Turnberry Commission

We've previously been privileged to produce some custom pieces for the Turnberry Hotel, which we blogged about at the time. The hotel has changed hands a few times in the last few years and it was recently bought over by legendary American property tycoon, and star of the original Apprentice (before Wee Sucrose took up the mantle on our...

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Canadian Ensemble

One visiting customer was so impressed with the furniture on display in the showroom that he ordered half a shipping container full of furniture. This made it interesting not just for the furniture he ordered (he liked the whisky furniture with the stainless steel tensioners but wanted the casks replaced in the design), but also because it was...

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Custom Oak Kitchen Island

First - a quick note. This is our kitchen island, but those are not our chairs. They were done by a company called Jarabosky based in Yorkshire, who specialise in producing furniture made from reclaimed railway sleepers ( ). This oak kitchen island was produced for a family who were completely renovating a big...

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Colossus – Oak Table and Chairs with Benches

A colossal custom oak dining table which was built to order for a lovely young couple in Largs who were moving into their newly built house (presumably with a view to either having a very large family or throwing a lot of big dinner parties). It was a ten seater, with built in cutlery drawers. It was built to very specific dimensions and...

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Custom Yacht Table

There are many reasons why a piece of furniture would need to be custom built. One of those reasons is when you are looking for something so specific in terms of function and dimensions that there is absolutely no chance you'll find something off-the-shelf that'll do that job. This always seems to be the case on yachts and motor cruisers,...

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Whisky Gift Presentation Box

This one has been deliberately designed to be an ideal whisky gift box (or presentation box) to go alongside with a really nice bottle of whisky. As may may or may not know, the really high end whiskies (and by high end I mean the circa £5-£10K a bottle, 50, 60, 70 year old rare malts) tend to come in their own custom designed boxes. Those...

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Whisky Tasting Table

This table was used in big international promotion for The Balvenie as part it's Warehouse 24 promotions. They ran a competition and the 3 winners (one from Europe, one from Asia and one from South America) each got to select a prize. We produced the three prizes, one was a cabinet, the second a chair and the third...this very special tasting...

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Turnberry Hotel

Anybody who takes an interest in Golf will know about Turnberry, as the championship 'Ailsa Course' course has hosted many and open championships. It also has a fantastic and very famous hotel, which sits overlooking the course and the views across to Ailsa Craig. The hotel has changed hands a few times over the last few years, it is now owned...

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