This week @ FF – 17th Sept 2012

This week the team has been working hard on a gigantic burr elm dining room table – a ten seater. No chairs, the client is providing them himself. This actually happens fairly regularly, and why not indeed. If you have some serviceable chairs then there’s no need to get rid of them just because they are not a perfect match for the new table.

Many clients will commission a table and then get their existing chairs re-upholstered. Another option is to get benches made instead, which is cheaper than having chairs made (especially when there’s ten of them).

We’ve also been doing a prototype design for an exclusive whisky presentation box for Duncan Taylor Whiskies Ltd. They sell some extremely rare Whisky and the bottles need a suitably high end case to match – Kenny is building a prototype (shown below). More on Duncan Taylor in the next post, Kenny’s upcoming visit to the Luxury from Scotland launch in Pasadena California.

The other noteworthy piece is an oak ‘Monk’s bench’. I have to be honest, as humble blog writer I did ask ‘Really, for a monastery?’. No it’s a style of bench that’s a bit like a church pew. In my defence, we have made furniture for a monastery before…bowls which were given as a present to the Dalai Llama’s brother Boaby. I’m not kidding. Well OK, I’m kidding that his name is Boaby, but we did send bowls over to the monastery on the Holy Isle for him.

And finally we are gearing up for Christmas in the workshops with some added insulation. The worksho;ps have all been upgraded over the last few years, but this is one item that’s outstanding. We’ve put it right now, so that should keep a bit of morale up in the busy furniture making season in the run up to Christmas.

Scott’s of Largs

A project for Scott’s of Largs, a restaurant at Largs Yacht Haven owned and operated by Prestwick based Buzzworks Group.

There’s a variety of furniture created as part of this job, which was a really ambitious project from designers THR3. As you can see from the finished photos, the end results have been stunning, and Scott’s has become a fantastic venue for a meal.

Included in the project was an oak panelled wall, we custom produced panels and tongue and grooved them to allow them to slot together an be fixed to the wall. We built burr elm tables for the three booths, and a large, tall elm table which sits in the center of the bar area. It’s height means it’s ideal to stand around, and sit at on stools.

Externally they put up a glass and oak windbreak, a ‘patio wall’ if you like. We helped design that and produced the green oak posts which were routered to accept the toughened glass panels.

Bosun’s Table

A project for one of the cafe/restaurant owned by Prestwick based Buzzworks Group.

We were tasked with creating a really unusual and striking bar area, the focal point for the premises. It had to function as a seating area for those waiting for take-away food during the day, and a presentation area for desserts. It had to be functional, durable and practical but also look great.

We ended up producing a rustic brushed oak ‘patchwork cladding’ effect, which is both striking and dramatic. We also produced a very chunky brushed oak table suitable for larger parties, which has gone into the conservatory.

Cameron House

Glasgow based upholsterers and furniture specialists ESL who were working in collaboration with Greyline Design to refurbish De Vere Hotels’ flagship Hotel, Cameron House at Loch Lomond.

We produce 30 table tops using dark-stained end grain oak. This is a really good example of a project in which we had to work with multiple partners to develop and produce an innovative and unusual product that could be delivered within the budget.

Cameron House went on to win the Most Stylish Hotel at the Scottish Style Awards after the completion of the refurbishment.

Coming to America

Fairlie Furniture are heavily featured, so Kenny will be packing his Kilt and jetting out to represent both us and the Scottish craft industry as a whole.In fact, now that I think about it we should probably have done some phone calls and form filling to see if Holyrood would sponsor our trip to Holywood – after all we’re doing our bit for Scottish luxury exports, the least Alex Salmond could do is upgrade Kenny to business class.

If that’s asking a bit much in these straightened times, how about premium economy?. OK…how about a few free drinks on the plane then? Oh … milk and two sugars then.

We shipped out a container of samples earlier in the summer, you can see some of the photos below. We designed and produced the Whisky table and chairs specifically for their store as a stand-out permanent feature.

Both the table and the chairs incorporate actual whisky casks that were used in the production of Duncan Taylor’s fine cask strength whisky. The leather upholstery on the chairs is by the same company who provide the leather for Aston Martin sportscars. Truly Luxury from Scotland. There will be more on this story as it pans out.

Also shipped out was a sideboard and some very stylistically unique wardrobes. We will try and get some photos of those too.

The grand opening ceremony is taking place in the first week of October. Very exciting to be moving into international waters, and to be representing Scottish craft and cabinet making.