Anybody who takes an interest in Golf will know about Turnberry, as the championship ‘Ailsa Course’ course has hosted many and open championships. It also has a fantastic and very famous hotel, which sits overlooking the course and the views across to Ailsa Craig.

The hotel has changed hands a few times over the last few years, it is now owned and operated by the Starwood Group who naturally had a few of their own ideas about where to take the famous brand, and how to develop the hotel. One of these involved us.

The ‘Chef’s Table’ is a V.I.P. Private room set off the main dining area with it’s own chef, waiting staff, and entertainment system. The guests basically get to order whatever they want from their chef and watch whatever they want on the telly whilst they are doing it – as you can imagine, in a 5* hotel this level of service demands a suitably high end environment to complement the overall dining experience.

The dedicated chef isn’t out of site in the kitchen, the idea (I’m not speaking from experience here, more’s the pity, so I can only outline the theory) is that the chef is able to engage with his guests, come out and tell them about the provenance of the local produce. Given it’s stature as a sporting hotel, it is also possible that the guests will want to watch golf from the television in the room whilst they eat. So for these reasons, the table Turnberry commissioned is in a (square) horseshoe shape.

It’s has been done in Kenny’s signature style, in burr elm and with the glass table tops sitting in a rebated with the natural edges visible through the glass. To complement this there is a matching bespoke elm cabinet for the television.

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