This one has been deliberately designed to be an ideal whisky gift box (or presentation box) to go alongside with a really nice bottle of whisky. As may may or may not know, the really high end whiskies (and by high end I mean the circa £5-£10K a bottle, 50, 60, 70 year old rare malts) tend to come in their own custom designed boxes.

Those boxes are normally designed around the presentation of the bottle itself – they are not actually all that practical and they are certainly not the most reusable. By this I mean that these top end malts will often been given their own unusual custom bottle which the box has been specifically designed to accommodate. So it won’t be able to fit a normal, or different bottle.

So we’ve come up with this – this is to cater for the market for expensive whiskies, but not the really expensive ones mentioned above. So a really nice bottle of whisky bought for a retirement present, or a fantastic bottle bought for the winner of a golf tournament. Something like that. In these cases the manufacturers seem to package the whisky in something that (to our thinking anyway) is really undeserving and underwhelming. So the idea is that you can buy a box like this to repackage your quality mid-range whiskies to make a lovely present an incredible present.

Handmade in Scotland from elm, full of rich swirling character and warm, autumnal hue. Really high quality brass hinge, set into a routered slot to keep it flush. There is no clasp or handle on it, you open it from the smooth indented ‘hole’ that’s split by the lid. Anyone who is familiar with our furniture will maybe recognise this, it’s a technique we use in drawers and cabinets for customer’s who don’t want the pure look of the wood to be compromised by a metal handle.

And as mentioned at the top, we’ve incorporated Harris Tweed into the design, not only does it look great and add a little something extra in (which is also a very traditional product, handmade in Scotland), an additional little touch of class.

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