We took delivery of a CNC machine earlier this year, in between orders we’ve been getting to grips with it and working out a new range of furniture that will take advantage of it’s mighty powers.

What does this mean for you? Well it allows us to reproduce more consistently accurate components and interesting shapes than would be possible when you are doing everything by hand. These complex shapes and curves would be extremely difficult to hand produce with accuracy – the sweep of the legs into the rails would be hard and very time consuming without cnc machining. Note though that the jointing, gluing, sanding and spraying were all done in the normal fashion.

So we can achieve a better finish and an overall more elegant chair design. It also allows us to make them more affordable for you, the customer.

The fabric in question on this sample is called Moon fabric, and it’s been upholstered by ourselves inhouse. The backrest is Scottish Elm, beautiful pieces of wood machined into that comfortable crescent shape. The chair legs are made from Amercian Ash with a black stain and lacquered finish.

You can call us on the usual number, 01475 560109 to place an order.





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