First – a quick note. This is our kitchen island, but those are not our chairs. They were done by a company called Jarabosky based in Yorkshire, who specialise in producing furniture made from reclaimed railway sleepers ( ).

This oak kitchen island was produced for a family who were completely renovating a big farmhouse style property in Ayrshire. Obviously when you have a massive kitchen you are really obliged to fill it with some fairly massive furniture or the furniture just ends up being dwarfed by it’s surroundings and looks out of place.

This kitchen island was built to their specific specification, but we also did bedroom furniture, mirrors, a mantel that went over the fireplace in the kitchen, and a worktop that went round a Belfast sink.

It is worth noting that, although it wasn’t the case in this instance, we’ve also produced bespoke kitchen islands in the past with integrated freezer drawers and fridges built into them too.

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