Coastal Range.

Inspired by the colour, texture and shapes of our beaches and shores. Each piece has a natural, timeless feel.

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Arran Range.

Dramatic mountain peaks and the rich changing colours of the Isle of Arran provide the inspiration for this range of furniture.

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Whisky Furniture

Whisky Range.

This beautifully crafted range of furniture incorporates retired casks once used to mature Scotlands' best known product

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Flexibility of design, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail define a Fairlie Furniture kitchen.

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We undertake wide and varied furniture commissions for both domestic customers and businesses.

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Canadian Ensemble

One visiting customer was so impressed with the furniture on display in the showroom that he ordered half a shipping container full of furniture. This made it interesting not just for the furniture he ordered (he liked the whisky furniture with the stainless steel tensioners but wanted the casks replaced in the design), but also because it was our first order to Canada.

We get a few orders from the USA, and we have furniture on display in LA, but we don’t get that many so it’s always a novelty. The customers were a really nice couple with roots in the west coast of Scotland, and as you can see from the photos his place looks fantastic. Very Canada, the kind of place where you can imagine there’s rack of rifles by the door, the odd Moose head on the wall, and bears sniffing around the bins out the back.

He ordered a custom dining table with eight chairs, a wardrobe, cabinet and occasional chair.



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