There are many reasons why a piece of furniture would need to be custom built. One of those reasons is when you are looking for something so specific in terms of function and dimensions that there is absolutely no chance you’ll find something off-the-shelf that’ll do that job.

This always seems to be the case on yachts and motor cruisers, where the vessels themselves have been produced in such small numbers and to such a degree of variance that it’s virtually impossible to find something pre-built that you like which will fit

So we have a lovely and very bijou little table which can fold away, be turned into a chart table if required, and also has some indented glass holders so (heaven forbid!) your drink doesn’t slide off the table when you hit a bit of swell.

Thank you very much to the client for taking the time to take some lovely atmospheric candlelit photos of the table as it was about to be used for a romantic meal with a great view.

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