Coastal Range.

Inspired by the colour, texture and shapes of our beaches and shores. Each piece has a natural, timeless feel.

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Arran Range.

Dramatic mountain peaks and the rich changing colours of the Isle of Arran provide the inspiration for this range of furniture.

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Whisky Furniture

Whisky Range.

This beautifully crafted range of furniture incorporates retired casks once used to mature Scotlands' best known product

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Flexibility of design, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail define a Fairlie Furniture kitchen.

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We undertake wide and varied furniture commissions for both domestic customers and businesses.

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Trump Turnberry Commission

We’ve previously been privileged to produce some custom pieces for the Turnberry Hotel, which we blogged about at the time. The hotel has changed hands a few times in the last few years and it was recently bought over by legendary American property tycoon, and star of the original Apprentice (before Wee Sucrose took up the mantle on our shores).

We got in touch with them when the takeover happened, just to stay in contact as the incoming owners of hotels are keen to make their mark on the new place, and it’s not uncommon in top hotels for brand new high end furniture to be replaced with even brand newer high end furniture. So knowing Mr Trump is very proud of his Scottish heritage, and given that (sadly) there are simply not that many Scottish furniture manufacturers capable of producing handmade high end furniture in volume left – we wanted to be in the mix.

So naturally we were pleased when they asked us to produce some custom pieces for the clubhouse. Not our usual native oak or elm, the new look of the clubhouse is very traditional so it’s made in Sapele and stained to a rich colour. These pieces are pride of place in the refurbished clubhouse.

There’s a plinth for a replica of the Claret Jug, and a concierge desk for the maĆ®tre d’.



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