Whisky Furniture - Cabinets

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The latest additions to our whisky furniture collection. These are cabinets which have been built in elm, and incorporate genuine whisky casks.

As with our other whisky furniture ( you can view the whisky boardroom table and chairs by clicking here ), these cabinets have been built together as a one-off commission and whisky casks have been used in their construction. One for real whisky lovers.

Very distinctive and unusual, the wood from the casks hasn't just been used as some kind of decorative afterthought, it is integral to the structure of the furniture and quite unmissable.

Whisky furniture can be built to order and the genuine used casks can be provided by yourself ( if you are a whisky company ) or us if you are not. In addition, it's sometimes possible to source casks used for a specific whisky if it's your favourite or has a special meaning for you.

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