Elm whisky box decanter set

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Our latest product has passed it's way through the umpteenth stage of product design and development and is now ready for sale to the discerning.

A luxury elm box designed to hold a crystal whisky decanter plus two tasting glasses.

The idea behind this is that it has the function as well as the form. It's important for a product such as this that you are able to see the crystal decanter and the glass, so you can leave the lid sitting open and the whisky is on display. However, it's not really a great idea from a quality preservation perspective to have your expensive whisky sitting in the sunlight all the time – so if you are not in the process of actually enjoying the whisky, you can close the lid on the box.

The other functional aspect the design has it that it is transportable. Decanter boxes tend not to be easily picked up and moved, so there are often no obvious handles on them. We have incorporated handles into the design as a feature. If you want to bring it down from the study to the dining room for an after dinner snifter then you can. Or if you want to take it to a tasting, a burns supper, your weekly poker game – whatever – then you can do that too. You can close and lock the lid, pick it up and stick it safely in the car where it won't fall over because it has a flat base and it's sturdy.

So on to the form. It is a lovely piece of furniture – handmade in Scotand from the very best kiln dried elm, the fittings are the highest quality brass fittings. Hinges carefully recessed so they are flush. The panels have been routered so that the sections don't sit flush with each other, there is definition to the construction.

As you can see from the photos, the finish on these products (as with all Fairlie Furniture products) is superb. We did a lot of research into this market and had a really good look at a lot of similar ideas and products which have been produced over the years as concepts, commissions or in small batches for whisky promotions. Let's just say that you're not likely to find too many close up photos of them, and we'll leave it at that.

It's the fine detail and finishing that matters, that's what differentiates a truly superior high quality from the rest. And as you can see from the close-up images we've published here, we have applied the attention to the detailing that raises this product from 'nice' through 'lovely' and onto 'wow'. It is just gorgeous, So well done Kenny and the team for a great design – and thanks to the bonfires of prototypes that cam before it too!

For the decanter we'd recommend Glencairn Crystal - they are the team that handle the high end glassware for much of the whisky industry, you can see some of the quality marques they work with on their website.

  • Marc Fovargue-Davies

    A great piece of design; I'm intrigued though, by the interior. How is it organised, and does it take decanters as opposed to bottles? Also, what is the likely cost of one of these? My wife has decreed that my small collection of Islay malts should be removed from the kitchen, and housed in my study!


  • mcnab

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the kind words. A good question - the answer is it takes anything you want. This particular box was done for a really high end whisky in a special bottle that had been custom designed for the range (and was like a cross between a bottle and a decanter). So they got the bottle manufacturer to send us an (unfortunately empty) bottle and the inside was made to measure. We could make a whole range, with different internals to suit different bottles. Or a more adaptable internal that would accommodate different types of bottles. I will ask Kenny to drop you an email with some figures and things for you to mull on (over a dram).