Deluxe Whisky Presentation Box

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Clean, crisp lines on this deluxe elm whisky presentation box. Extreme high end brass fitting - a whisky presentation box fit for the very finest whiskies.

This extra special elm whisky presentation box would make the perfect accompanying gift when giving someone a very exclusive bottle of whisky. If it's an occasion like a retirement or special corporate gift then it always takes some of the shine away from a really top end bottle of whisky if the presentation box for it isn't up to scratch.

That will never be the case with this box - in terms of quality and beauty it can live with the very best whiskies. The very best kiln dried elm, machined and hand crafted in Scotland, together with the highest quality brass fitting clasp. It is a gorgeous way to present a bottle of whisky, and the box can be kept and cherished when the whisky it was given with is, sadly, a dim and distant memory.