Bespoke Burr Elm Sideboard

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A hand made bespoke burr elm sideboard with natural edged top, inset brass fittings, spray lacquer finished.

This elm sideboard was built order to match a burr elm dining room table which had previously been purchased by the customer. The moral of the story being that when you are ordering bespoke furniture you don't have to get it all built in one go.

One of the challenges for the team is to try and colour match the wood as closely as possible. This is true when you are building a larger piece of furniture as well as whan you are building multiple items for the same room at different times. Elm comes in a variety of different shades, in this case it the wood used is a very deep, rich brown colour.

The customer selected the fittings in this case, they are brass and a reset into the drawers and cabinet doors. As with all our custom built furniture, we use the very best quality soft close sliders for the drawers.

You'll notice in the photos below that the photographer dressed the sideboard with a large, deep burr elm bowl. These are hand turned by local craftsmen and women, we can supply these and hope to have them orderable in the online shop before too long.