Cask 16 Oak Cabinet

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Cask 16 Oak Cabinet

A new variation on our popular Cask 14 whisky cabinet. This model is generally more refined than it's rough and ready rustic Cask 14 counterpart. Whilst the original Cask 14 cabinet utilises off-sawn unfinished oak, and rough tactile surfaces, this cabinet is more highly finished with all surfaces given our 3 coat lacquer sprayed finish.

Don't let it's delicate looks deceive you though - it is anything but. The tapered feet of the table legs makes this piece a lot 'finer' than it's sister cabinet, but it still a very strong and robust cabinet - as you'll see when you try and lift it up, it is sturdy and very solid. It is made from the very best native character oak.

The panels on each door are constructed from hand paired staves from retired whisky casks - for more information about this and their dark appearance, read the panel below marked 'Product Description'.


  • » High quality bronze forged hinges
  • » Hand paired staves from retired whisky casks in each of the doors
Product code: cask-16-oakcabinet

The panels on the doors are the most distinctive aspect of the this piece. Each door is constructed from hand paired staves from retired whisky casks. Once a whisky cask has been used a certain number of times to mature whisky, the distillery will retire the cask. Although the inside of the cask is burnt to leave a charcoal layer which makes the whisky smoother and more mellow, it is actually the non-burnt outside of the stave you are looking at when you view the blackened doors of the cabinet.

The outside of the cask takes on this hue as a result of the whisky maturation process and the long years spent sitting in warehouses throughout Scotland maturing. When we finish and lacquer spray the doors they take on the rich dark brown colour you see in the photos.


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